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  • Cumberland Gap National Park
    Come experience the beauty and solitude of the Southern Appalachian Mountains!  The park contains over 24,000 acres, 85 miles of trails, 70+ miles of horse-trails, camping, and lots to do and see!   As the farm ties directly into the riding trails, you can mount up, leave the farm, and ride for miles using the state and national park systems.
  • Wilderness Road State Park
    Wilderness Road offers picnicking, hiking, nature, and living history programs. Visitors can hike, bike or horseback ride on the 8.5-mile Wilderness Road Trail linking the park with the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.  The park offers primitive camping for groups.

Hensley Settlement in winter

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

The view from the White Rocks.

The Sand Cave

Horse Corral at Martin’s Fork Cabin